Spherexx.com is the parent company of ApartmentWebsites.com. ApartmentWebsites.com was specifically launched so that it could service the multifamily industry with both pre-designed template options (lower cost) and still provide custom designed websites that are designed to showcase the unique personality of its community.

Spherexx.com offers a wide selection of professional services including web design and development, touch-screen kiosks, Internet lead generation tools, online advertising, apartment leasing consulting, advanced mobile technology, apartment lease-up marketing consulting, and search engine performance. The company also provides branding services, video/multimedia production, print media, and copywriting as well as website and email hosting, database solutions, pay per click, e-commerce solutions and custom programming.

Spherexx.com has developed marketing and lead generation tools that allow clients to better manage and convert leads to leases and sales. These applications are branded under ILoveLeasing.com, Messagekast.com, MarketSurveyTools.com, MultifamilyDueDiligence.com and RentPush.com. Spherexx.com provides web-based prospecting, marketing, advertising management, and support services.

Spherexx.com has provided services to innovative real estate companies, developers and institutional investors like Lincoln Property Company, Simmons Vedder, Cottonwood Residential, JP Morgan, Forest City Enterprises, Northwestern Mutual, ZRS Management, LLC and many more across the US and Canada. The company represents over one hundred years of direct, executive level property management experience that readily identifies with the challenges and solutions of multi-family property management professionals.