One of the most important things I appreciate about Spherexx, aside from their top-notch development and software skills, is their overall attitude and project communication. They always come to the table prepared, approaching our projects not like vendors, but more like partners. With fantastic attention to detail, customized solutions, great design eye and development craftsmanship, Spherexx delivers results that are scalable and can stand the test of time.

Whether the project is small or long-term, they offer ideas that are far exceeding the expectations and go above and beyond on development, execution and delivery. Spherexx is a partner that thrives to answer the most sophisticated needs of their multifamily clients, making deliverables not only feel good but also look and perform fantastic. Two thumbs up all across the board!

Arthur Kosmider
Director of Marketing

The professionals at Spherexx were able to customize one of their attractive templates to our unique specifications. They welcomed collaboration with my team. Spherexx was also able to take mere visions of details we had and incorporate them in to exactly what we were pursuing in the look of our website.

Sarah Blood
District Manager
U.S. Residential Group

I have utilized a number of the products developed by Spherexx over the past 10 years and have always been amazed at how they continually exceed my expectations every time.

I look forward to continuing my partnership with them now and into the foreseeable future.

John C. LeBeau
VP Fund Management
C-III Capital Partners LLC