Questions about Designing Websites for Apartments and Packages

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding designing apartment websites, our package features, and apartment mobile website development.

  1. What’s the main difference between the two “pre-designed” template website bundles called One Page Wonder template and Deluxe Template?
  2. The main difference is the number of pages of content that's available. We can keep the costs low on the pre-designed templates because there is no custom graphic design (you select a home page design from a catalog) and the cheaper the template, the less content it presents. The pricing page has a long list of what's included and not included.

    See full comparison list of what’s included in each template at:

  3. Can I update and edit the content inside the website after it launched?
  4. Yes, almost every bit of content inside the website like amenities, photos, floorplan pricing, etc is editable and it’s really simple to update—no computer skills needed.

  5. Do I own the website?
  6. The template websites are the property of (parent company of If you select a custom designed website, then the HTML is available only after the first year’s contract is completed assuming all setup and monthly payments are current.

  7. Could I add extra “a la carte” items to my website anytime?
  8. Yes, you can add additional pages of content or other interactive items to the website upfront or anytime into the future.